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Your Truck Has Been De-Tuned



Dear Diesel Owner,

Please give me a quick 2 minutes of your time to explain why the Pro Diesel Module is worth the $695 investment.

Spending the last 16 year talking to diesel owners like yourself on a daily basis I truly understand your frustration of buying an expensive diesel and getting poor fuel mileage.

When light-duty diesel pickups gained popularity in the 1990's it was common to see 25 MPG and even sometimes 30 MPG.

Today these new trucks are averaging less than 16 MPG.

The reason for this drop in mileage has to do with the de-tuning of your engine. You may feel like your truck has plenty of power but the fact is the manufacturers are now forced to detune the low-end RPM power curve in order to meet current emission standards. While this a good thing for our environment the de-tuning of the low-end power curve (1400-200 RPM) and the added emissions devices restrict the motor and lower fuel economy.


We discovered through our custom tuning of Duramax diesel that the easiest and least expensive solution to increase the fuel mileage of a diesel pickup is to add low-end torque.

Many companies claim that you should delete the emissions equipment, or add bigger aftermarket air filters and exhaust. The problem is these products do not solve the problem of the de-tuned low-end power curve of the engine! We know this because we talk to dozens of diesel truck owners every week who have installed these products and tell us the results.

Plus deleting or tampering with emission is illegal under the Clean Air Act and ruins the resale value of your diesel.

So how do we fix this… we add torque to your “Driving-Zone” and get the engine back to it’s peak efficiency with a Pro Diesel Module.

As stated the DE-TUNING of your engine takes place in the RPM range that you drive 99% of the time (1400-2000)… and the result is you get less than optimal fuel mileage.

The Dr Performance Pro Diesel Module is engineered to control the engines fuel rail pressure allowing you to precisely adjust the engine's low-end power curve giving it a faster torque rise.

Adjusting the engines torque curve changes the "peak efficiency" of the motor to match your driving/towing RPM speed. This faster low-end torque rise significantly improves fuel economy because the engine now does more work with less effort.


FUEL ECONOMY SAVINGS: Many of our 30,000+ customers have testified to us of mileage gains ranging up to 10-20% over what they previously were getting running loaded or unloaded. Any increase in mileage saves you money!

ELIMINATES TURBO LAG: Getting stuck at an intersection waiting for your turbo to spool is a pain in the butt and can be dangerous. Your truck needs instant throttle response.

TOWING PERFORMANCE: Along with increased fuel mileage is an increase in throttle response. Having the right horsepower and torque in the "driving zone" of your RPM range makes for a pretty sweet experience when pulling steep grades. Your transmission stays in higher gears which allows for faster hill pulling speeds and better economy.

PEACE OF MIND: The Pro Diesel Module is NOT engineered to make your truck the fastest hot-rod in town. It is designed to replace the power-curve you lost due to you engine being de-tune and get you back some fuel efficiency and performance. Because the performance levels are very mild (up to 90HP) we DO NOT receive negative customer feedback on transmission issues or high EGTs beyond safe operating temperatures.


With the Pro Diesel Module you get:
* 10-20% Mileage Improvement
* Virtually No Turbo Lag
* Up to 90 Horsepower - 150f ft/lbs torque for Better Towing

I understand you already spent a lot of money on your truck and you don't think you should have to spend anymore. The reality is the manufacturer isn’t going to fix it.

You DO NOT need to spend thousands removing the emissions equipment or add expensive aftermarket turbos, intakes, exhausts, etc.. to improve your fuel mileage... all you need is Pro Diesel Module!

Upgrading your truck with a Pro Diesel Module gives your engine the power it was designed to have and a torque curve that was finely tuned to get the best fuel economy running both empty and towing.

Only you can determine if restoring Your Truck's Low-End Power, Improving Fuel Mileage, and Eliminating Turbo Lag Worth Investing $695 in a Pro Diesel Module.

I encourage you to join the tens of thousands of satisfied customers who have already upgraded and are enjoying the benefits of the Pro Diesel Module - Order yours today!

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Please Note: We do not advocate removal or tampering with emissions equipment... it is illegal under the Clean Air Act