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warranty-friendly solution that restores YOUR CUMMINS' USABLE power

RESTORING LOW-END POWER CAN EXTEND YOUR RANGE BY 100 MILES PER TANK: It seems the moment we hook up to a load of any size our fuel mileage is cut in half.  

This can be frustrating if you have to travel any distance and need to plan out fuel stops.

Truth is the "average" diesel owner only gets 15-16 MPG empty and 8-10 MPG loaded... with their "expensive" diesel pickup!

.... adding just 3 MPG can reduce your fuel costs thousands of dollars over the life of your Cummins!

A SLUGGISH THROTTLE IS DANGEROUS: Getting stuck in an intersection while hauling a heavy load or hesitating to pass on a two-lane highway is no fun. 

Waiting a few seconds for the turbo to spool and the truck to respond can be down-right dangerous in traffic.

... removing turbo lag produces a snapper throttle giving you the quick acceleration you need to instantly get heavy loads moving and making your Cummins safer to drive!

Whether its peak horsepower that you seldom use or low-end power that has been "stolen" de-tuned... YOU DESERVE ALL THE POWER AND PERFORMANCE YOU PAID FOR


Over two decades of diesel performance engineering working directly with "working class daily drivers"... we not only understand your frustration, but offer you what you deserve:


    • Improves Mileage - UP TO 100 MORE DRIVING MILES PER TANK OF FUEL
    • Instant Throttle Response - ZERO TURBO LAG 
    • Engineered PRECISELY for Daily Driven Diesels - NOT BLACKSMOKE HOTROD JUNKIES
    • *** Peace of Mind Warranty Friendly - NO FINGERPRINT LEFT ON FACTORY COMPUTER

    Your new Plug-N-Play Diesel Power Module will not delete or reprogram any manufacturer settings... and DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY ADDITIONAL MODIFICATION to your bone-stock diesel.

    It is a Stand-Alone... DIY INSTALL solution engineered to RESTORE your DAILY DRIVER'S low-end performance giving you back what was "stolen" during the emissions de-tuning.

    FACT: You don't have to be frustrated another day with crappy fuel mileage and a sluggish throttle... 

    Just plug in your new Diesel Power Module and enjoy the results!