What's in it for you!

Weather it's the 5.9 or 6.7 liter, your Cummins diesel is an amazing engine with an abundance of "Phantom Horsepower" What is phantom horsepower? That's the total horsepower you paid for but can't really use when you need it most...[in the driving zone] 

Phantom HP is more about bragging rights than for functional use. It allows the manufacturers to compete with each other on HP claims, but the 2800-3000 RPM range it requires to use the maximum HP, renders it non-functional, aka - Phantom HP.

After nearly two decades of warranty-friendly, working-class diesel performance experience, we not only understand your frustration, but offer you what you deserve; a do-it-yourself solution that restores: 

    * Low-end horsepower 

    * Increases fuel mileage 

    * Takes away turbo-lag &

    * Improves throttle response 


Your new diesel performance module will not change or delete any manufacturer settings and does not require any modifications to your diesel, making it "warranty-friendly". 

It is a Stand-Alone - Plug-N-Go solution designed to restore your low-end performance that was taken away for the sake of "Emission Standards". 

Your module will give you upto 90 more HP, and on average a 3.5 MPG increase.


Bottom line: 

Take advantage of the: 

     * Deepest discount we offer (limited time only)

      * 45 day moneyback guarantee 

      * Lifetime product warranty &

      * Free shipping 

Avoid further frustration and restore your diesel's low-end performance and mileage right now.