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Restoring Low-End Power Can Extend Your Range by 100 Miles Per Tank!

It seems the moment we hook up to a load of any size our fuel mileage is cut in half. 

This can be frustrating if you have to travel any distance and need to plan out fuel stops.

Truth is the "average" diesel owner only gets 15-16 MPG empty and 8-10 MPG loaded... with their "expensive" diesel pickup!

As noted before "Tier Emission Standards" have forced diesel truck manufacturers to DE-TUNE your engine below 2200 RPM.

It may sound crazy but this DE-TUNING (not emissions equipment) is the main cause of less than optimal fuel economy.

The simple solution is to "RESTORE" the low end power that was stolen for the sake of emission standards.

A Diesel Power Module causes injected fuel to atomize into a finer mist sooner driving up turbo boost at lower RPM. This results in increased torque and a more efficient fuel burn during combustion.

A Diesel Power Module Will RESTORE Your Engines Low-End Power Extending Your Range Up To 100 Miles Per Tank!