Truth is, your diesel's peak horsepower really is something to talk about. The problem is, that's about all its good for. We call it "Phantom Horsepower" because you can't get to it when you need it most - (under 2200 RPM)

Our plug-n-go performance modules offer a proven, warranty-friendly solution that restores the low-end horsepower that was taken away by manufacture's de-tuning. What's worse... de-tuning out low-end horsepower to meet emission standards also robs your diesel of valuable fuel mileage. That's why when you plug in your new performance module, you not only feel an instant gratification from:

  • more low-end pulling-power
  • faster turbo spool &
  • improved throttle response

but down the road, you feel pretty darn smart because your module also restores your diesel's true fuel mileage; with average gains of 3 to 3.5 MPG.

Simply said, you don't have to be frustrated another day with crappy low-end power and poor fuel mileage. Just plug in your new performance module (in under 30 minutes) and your module will do the rest. We Guarantee it or Your Money Back

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