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Our 180 Day 110% Money Back Guarantee:

  1. Guarantee period begins when you receive the Module. (we go by your shipping tracking #)
  2. Within 10 business days at the end of 180 days if you decide it is not performing as promised you call us direct and we will send you a Return Shipping label.
  3. Once we receive your returned Module we will REFUND 110% of your purchase price. 
  4. All returns before 180 days are 100% refunded
  5. If you decide to keep the PRO Module but change trucks in the future... we will give you a $200 trade-in credit towards a new Module.
  6. Plus... you get a Lifetime Replacement Warranty if the Module should ever fail

Please Note: The main difference between Dr Performance PRO Modules and the Ag Solutions Truck Editions is the PRO modules uses "boost enhancement" to produce more top-end power.