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2011-2016 Duramax 6.6L LML PRO DIESEL Performance Module


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OUR Satisfaction Guarantee TO YOU:

  • Improved Fuel Mileage
  • Snappy Throttle Response
  • MORE Horsepower and Torqueto move loads
  • 100% Money-Back Satisfaction 
  • Warranty Friendly - No Fingerprint

Fits Chevy/GMC Duramax 6.6L LML (2011-2016)

  • 2500HD & 3500

Horsepower Select Knob:

*30 HP - Heavy Tow
*60 HP - Best Mileage and Tow
*90 HP - Mileage and Light Tow


  • Simple Install: EZ Plug-n-Play technology that you can install "in minutes" by simply connecting to your engine's wire-harness with factory style connectors.
  • Fuel Mileage: 10-20% improvement (get up to 100 more miles per tank of fuel)
  • Power Increase: Safe/Smooth low to medium range power for daily driving and pulling loads (Max 100 ft/lbs Torque)
  • Throttle Response: No more turbo lag... quicker Get Up & Go
  • Engine Safe: Performance gains stay within Stock parameters
  • Transmission Safe: Engineered for working-class daily drivers
  • Proven: Installed in tens of thousands of diesels since 2003
  • No Additional Mods: No need to delete emissions or add additional mods
  • Warranty Friendly: Leaves no "fingerprint" in the factory computer

Don't be frustrated with your mileage... improve it!

Since 2003 we here at Diesel Domination Inc have focused solely on upgrading "Working-Class Daily Drivers". We truly believe the "original" Dr. Performance Pro Diesel Modules are the Safest, most Warranty Friendly diesel performance products on the market.

The Pro Performance Module is the proven SAFE and WARRANTY FRIENDLY way to increase your dieselu2019s fuel economy and towing ability without the hype, hazards, and hidden costs associated with most diesel chips and delete kits.

Tenu2019s of thousands of hard-working diesel truck owners just like you are now experiencing incredible money-saving fuel mileage gains and more towing power because they upgraded their trucks with the easy to install Pro Performance Module.

So effective is the Pro Performance Module at giving you both optimal fuel mileage and power gains, that it makes other diesel performance products nearly obsolete.

The price is affordable for almost any budget and easy enough for anyone to install. If you are frustrated with less than optimal fuel mileageu2026 you now have a solution!

If you are daily driving or going cross country, 100 EXTRA miles per tank of fuel adds up fast when it comes to money in your wallet. Stopping less to fuel up makes traveling more enjoyable and more affordable when you are saving $20 for every $100 in fuel. (up to 20% MPG increase)


You feel like your truck has plenty of power but the fact is Emission Standards have forced manufactures to de-tune your truck below 2000 RPM. This de-tuning has caused diesels to lose mileage over the years.

To restore your truck's fuel mileage, you must change the "peak efficiency" of the motor to match your driving/towing RPM speed. Increase the low-end torque rise of your motor significantly improves fuel economy because the engine now does more work with less effort.

After increasing low-end torque many of our diesel customers tell us their trucks that were once getting 13-16 MPG and are now seeing up to 18-23 MPG.


The main difference between the Pro Performance Module and most electronic diesel performance products is the manipulation of fuel pressure vs fuel volume. Most chips/programmers change injector pulse width which adds for fuel to the engine... the Module changes fuel pressure which enhances the injector plume and increases the fuel atomization.

Excessive injector pulse width modification adds too much fuel volume and can cause the engine to run rich (smoke/heat)... whereas pressure/plume modification causes the engine to run more efficiently due to improved fuel atomization. Pressure modification does add slightly more fuel under throttle but the additional combustion performance offsets any negatives.

The Number One reason customers install the Performance Module is for fuel savings but having up to an additional 90 horsepower (140 ft/lbs torque) makes for a more responsive truck when towing heavy loads. You can now get heavy loads moving faster and keep them moving faster on steep grades with less downshifting. (faster turbo spool gets you through intersections quicker)

The Pro Performance Module is an easy to install u201cplug and playu201d diesel performance product suitable for todayu2019s hi-tech diesel engines. Engineered with advanced digital-microprocessor technology, the Module simply plugs into your factory wire-harness with OEM style plugs and helps manages your engineu2019s fuel delivery with precise electronic control of injection pressure.

Pro Performance Module gives you proven results with the u201cbest of both worldsu201d. You get incredible money-saving benefits of better fuel economy and an amazing engine performance increase and at the same time! Instead of being frustrated with your diesel, simply upgrade it with a Pro Performance Module and get the fuel mileage increase and first-class towing power gains you deserve.


You can't just wish for better mileage and do nothing... You must change your diesel's "peak efficiency" to increase your fuel mileage.

Add the Pro Performance Module to your Cart "RIGHT NOW" and start experiencing for yourself what thousands of hard-working Powerstroke, Cummins, and Duramax diesel owners are already enjoying.


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John B.
United States United States

K I haven’t hooked it up yet as I am waiting for my nephew to come out and help me as it’s hard for me to get up inside the truck

Terry P.
United States United States
Jury still out

Can’t tell any difference yet. To early to tell.

Keith J.
United States United States
My 2015 GMC

So far not much different. I haven’t did any heavy hauling yet. I’ve only put on 800 miles. About the same mpg.

Mark F.
United States United States
My first experience pro diesel.

I am seeing improved fuel milage on the highway. I am having much better throttle response, but I haven't found out how this unit helps me with pulling heavy loads.

Bernie M.
United States United States
2011 3500 HD 6.6 pulling fifth wheel

My Engine light came on but it’s not picking up any codes anything to do with the unit I put on??

William H.
United States United States

Love it. Works great.

Preston D.
United States United States

Not so good. I have been trying to get ahold of someone for some answers to issues I’m having. Left voice messages and sent emails with no response from anyone. I still need help and answers.

Steven H.
United States United States
Took a while to appreciate

I'm currently on a 4000 mile round trip from Casper Wyo to St Petersburg Florida and return....going down l went from 9 MPG to 10.8.....on the return trip ln averaging 11.8...ny camper weighs 7800 GVRW and the Silverado with flat bed weighs in at 9500...The 2.8 MPG is acceptable although l was hoping for a little more. I can't tell if anything changed power wise as the camper doesn't seem to pull it down... In town mileage empty went from 12-14 and highway is around 22 empty.

Pro Diesel Modules 2011-2016 Duramax 6.6L LML PRO Performance Module Review
Karl W.
United States United States
2015 Duramax

I don't know how the mileage is going to work out. But, The power increase is very noticeable and respectable.

Gary T.
United States United States
Improved Fuel Mileage

I get 2 to 3 miles per gallon less using California diesel fuel than I do when in Montana. Average fuel calculated in CA is generally 15 to 17 at best. After plugging in your module I drove a couple hundred miles and refueled. During the drive it metered as high as 24.4 mpg (generally meters 2 to 3 mpg off actual mileage). Filled up and calculated 20.4mpg average the whole trip. That is quite an improvement with California diesel fuel. Can't wait to get back to Montana where I get a very consistent 19 - 20mpg. Hope to see even better results there. Note: Truck fuel "Metered" is always different than when you actually "Calculate" use.